3 Generations of Knowledge

It began in 1960 when my father, Jim Pop, founded James Warren Realty. It morphed into James Warren & Son in 1987 when Jeff took over the business. In 2017 we teamed with Golden Gate Sotheby’s International. Sieba Peterson joined Jeff and in 2019 we sold $94,000,000 in Real Estate, more than anyone else in Napa or Sonoma County. Being #1 again was, and is, a distinct source of pride.
Now, my daughter Cody has joined us. Cody was weaned on Napa Real Estate.
Raised in St. Helena, Cody began working in our office when she was just twelve years old, assisting with filing, evaluations, maps, etc. Today, Cody is a licensed, luxury and viticulture agent that has called every creek, bridge, well and slope in the Napa Valley her backyard her whole life. Her grandfather, Jim Pop taught me that our competitive edge was “Knowledge.” He liked to say, “We don’t sell vineyards or homes, we sell knowledge. They throw in the rest for free. “
The more knowledgeable the Buyer and Seller--the smoother the transaction.
Unlike most counties, we are a rural Ag Preserve. So whether you are buying in the City or the county there are a myriad of rules and regulations to say nothing of the complications inherent in Well drilling, Septic systems, underground power, boundary lines, soil tests, wildfire regulations, parcel sizes, lot line adjustments, geologic studies, road easements, rights of way, and literally dozens of more issues that go into a transaction.
The land is beautiful. Buying it, difficult.
If you are interested in the Napa Valley, call. We’d love to meet you. We have a little experience--now 3 generations worth.
Signature Jeffrey Earl Warren

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