10 Best Restaurants in St. Helena

Jeffrey Earl Warren  |  September 19, 2023

10 Best Restaurants in St. Helena

When exploring the magnificent wine region of St. Helena in Napa Valley, California, one can't help but notice the rich culinary scene that beautifully complements its world-renowned vineyards. With an array of exceptional dining options, deciding where to eat can be a challenge. To help, we've handpicked a list of 10 of the very best St. Helena restaurants that promise an unforgettable dining experience.

PRESS Restaurant

PRESS Restaurant elevates the Napa Valley experience, celebrating its people, ingredients, and wines in the heart of this renowned wine region. A true local gem, PRESS welcomes everyone, from locals to winemakers and international guests, fostering a sense of community that's woven into every aspect of the restaurant. Led by the dynamic duo of Samantha Rudd and Chef Philip Tessier, PRESS seamlessly blends the legendary traditions of Bay Area purveyors with the creativity of emerging culinary talents, resulting in a menu that beautifully showcases Napa Valley's rich gastronomic heritage.

Acacia House

Dining at Acacia House is more than a meal; it's a celebration. Set in a beautifully restored Edwardian mansion, the restaurant offers an elegant backdrop for its refined cuisine. Masterfully blending the local wine culture with its culinary artistry, Acacia House serves dishes that are both visually appealing and rich in flavors, making each visit a memorable occasion.

The Charter Oak Restaurant

With its farm-fresh ingredients and creative culinary approach, The Charter Oak Restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience. The restaurant's philosophy revolves around simplicity and integrity, which shines through in its dishes. Seasonal produce takes center stage here, with each dish reflecting the changing seasons' bounty, inviting diners on a unique culinary journey no matter what time of the year.

Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch

Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch is an emblem of sustainable dining, where the flavorsome food on your plate is a testament to the earth around you. Every dish is created from the organic, sustainably farmed ingredients of Long Meadow Ranch. With its warm and rustic ambiance, Farmstead invites you to connect and foster a deeper appreciation for the intricate relationship between the land, food, and wine.

Brasswood Bar & Kitchen

This charming restaurant combines the region's rich wine heritage with a commitment to locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. With a menu crafted by talented chefs, Brasswood Bar & Kitchen offers a delightful culinary journey that showcases the essence of Napa Valley's vibrant food and wine culture. Whether you're savoring a glass of local wine on the inviting outdoor patio or indulging in exquisite dishes inspired by the bountiful surroundings, Brasswood Bar & Kitchen provides a memorable dining experience that captures the essence of this renowned wine country destination.

Gott's Roadside

With a menu that emphasizes high-quality ingredients and sustainable practices, Gott's serves up a delicious array of burgers, sandwiches, salads, and more, all prepared with a fresh and gourmet touch. What sets this place apart is its commitment to using locally sourced, organic ingredients, making it a standout in the Napa Valley culinary scene. Whether you're stopping in for a mouthwatering burger, a refreshing milkshake, or one of their famous Ahi Poke Tacos, Gott's Roadside provides a memorable dining experience that perfectly captures the essence of California's wine country.

Cook St. Helena

Nestled in the charming surroundings of St. Helena, Cook St. Helena brings you an authentic taste of northern Italy. The restaurant's enchanting atmosphere radiates a familial warmth, echoed in their wholesome dishes. Featuring an array of simple and flavorful Northern Italian cuisine, Cook St. Helena’s meals are prepared with heartfelt passion and commitment to quality. From the homemade pasta to the hearty meat courses, Cook St. Helena encapsulates the essence of Italy's culinary tradition in Napa Valley.

Goose & Gander

Housed in a historic bungalow-style building, this restaurant effortlessly combines vintage charm with a contemporary twist. The menu, curated by a talented team of chefs, features seasonal, locally sourced ingredients that highlight the flavors of Napa Valley. With an impressive selection of wines, craft cocktails, and a serene outdoor garden setting, Goose & Gander is a favorite among both locals and visitors.


Located in the heart of St. Helena, Market is where comfort food finds its gourmet interpretation. Offering a menu brimming with American classics, Market’s dishes are thoughtfully crafted using the freshest local ingredients. From tender, juicy steaks to homey desserts, Market serves up a culinary hug that reminds you why St.Helena cherishes its comfort food traditions.

Forum at Meadowood

Forum at Meadowood is a culinary treasure in St. Helena, CA, offering a gastronomic journey that spans breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, all carefully crafted to highlight the seasonal riches of Meadowood Farm and a selection of premium ingredients from local purveyors. Their wine menu pays homage to Napa Valley's renowned vintners and friends, embodying Meadowood's deep-rooted commitment to the region's winemaking legacy. For those seeking a relaxed and charming ambiance, the 10-seat bar is the perfect spot to savor pre-dinner cocktails. Meanwhile, the outdoor lounge, adorned with enchanting twinkling lights, provides an idyllic setting to enjoy all-day light bites.

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