Historical Rainfall Records Reveal Truth About Water Supply in St. Helena

Jeff Earl Warren Team  |  April 27, 2023

Historical Rainfall Records Reveal Truth About Water Supply in St. Helena

A couple of weeks ago, I emptied the rain gauge In anticipation of what the rookies call an atmospheric river. We call it a winter storm.

Before you say, “Ok, Boomer,” check out the actual facts.

Since the Marysville flood in 1957 we’ve lived through three droughts and three major floods where one couldn’t even drive out of the valley.

Can’t speak for the rest of the state, but the drought is over for St. Helena. And yet they are trying to come up with ways to increase water prices so people conserve and use less.

If they would just do their homework and study the historical rainfall records ( rather than hire consultants) compare it to our historical use as a town, ( how much is necessary?) they would find that we have more water than we need. I know that’s blasphemous, but it is the truth.

The Italians and Germans, who settled here in the 1860s came because of the water and the climate.

There is a reason it’s called Spring Mountain, to say nothing of Spring St., Spring Valley, Crystal Springs, Sulphur springs etc, and I will leave out Calistoga Hot Springs, because that’s a different type of water— but water it be.

Why did Mariano Vallejo give his niece, María Ygnacia Soberanes and his future son-in-law, Dr. Edward Turner Bale, rancho Carne Humana?

Because that was where the water was!

Old Bale Mill wasn’t run on government subsidized Solar panels. It relied on water running down the creek from live springs off the backside of Spring Mountain.

From 1832 we have been flush with water. It’s just that like all of California sometimes we have dry periods.

After this year’s rains, “aquifers” are filled, reservoirs are overflowing and creeks are running, again

Let’s quit trying to make the weather we’re now experiencing the “way it is”. Or worse, “the way it will be “ in the future.

Let’s follow the historical record. It may teach us all something.

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