What is the Real Cost of Living in Oakville?

Jeffrey Earl Warren  |  May 31, 2023

What is the Real Cost of Living in Oakville?

Hidden away in the folds of wine country in Napa County, Oakville is a small community that's a fantastic place to call home. The community offers some of the most beautiful countryside in Northern California. From golfing at Vintners Golf Club to wine tastings at the many wineries in this region, residents are never short of fun things to do in this amazing locale. Some well-known wineries in Oakville include Opus One and Silver Oak Cellars.

The area's Mediterranean climate is characterized by warm summers and mild winters. Napa County gets an average of 33 inches of rain, zero inches of snow, and 262 sunny days per year. These are more favorable than the national averages. In addition, Oakville offers its residents a high quality of life, including upscale homes, excellent schools, and a close-knit community. The following is a breakdown of the cost of living in Oakville, California.

Cost of housing

Oakville provides its residents with a laid-back rural lifestyle that many prefer. The town also boasts beautiful surroundings and convenient access to urban amenities. It is about 60 miles north of San Francisco and enjoys proximity to other large metropolitan areas such as Napa. These factors contribute to the desirability of Oakville's real estate market, resulting in high property values. According to market data, the median home prices for Oakville homes are as follows:

  • $910,550 for all housing units
  • $993,378 for detached houses
  • $714,508 for townhouses and other attached units
  • $516,454 for two unit structures
The same data shows that the median gross rent is $2,185 per month.

Prospective residents should also examine other expenses associated with homeownership in Oakville. These may include homeowners insurance, property taxes, and maintenance and repairs. It's also important to note that demand for housing in Oakville is very high, and inventory is low, which will likely lead to higher home prices in the foreseeable future.

Utility costs

In addition to the initial investment of purchasing a home, prospective residents of Oakville should consider the ongoing utility expenses. These include electricity, natural gas, and water.

The average electric rates in this region are $0.30 cents per kilowatt-hour. On average, residents will use 707 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month or 8,484 kilowatt-hours per year. This means the average resident can expect to spend around $211 per month on electricity, adding up to $2,532 per year. That's 127% of the national average. However, it is imperative to note this is an average cost. The real cost varies depending on the number of occupants, the size of the residence, and the consumption patterns of the household.

Water is another important utility to examine. Water providers use tiered rates to determine how much they will charge residents for their water bills. Generally, single-family residences in the outskirts of Napa City pay $4.57 for one unit, equivalent to 1,000 gallons, if they consume between zero to 14 units. If they consume between 15 to 27 units, they pay $6.58 per unit, and for those who consume 28 units or more, the rate is $8.70 per unit. For residential natural gas, the latest market data show the average price was $25.97 per thousand cubic feet in February 2023, while the national average rate was $15.20.

Other necessities

Health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket health care costs exceed the national and California averages. A single adult taking residency in Oakville incurs about $4,421 per year in health care costs. As for California and the national averages, these costs are $3,711 and $4,266, respectively. Child care costs also contribute heavily to the cost of living in this community, adding thousands of dollars to homeowners' yearly expenses. The average child care cost in Oakville is $14,661 per year for two children.

Food costs

Groceries and eating out are estimated to be 11.6% less expensive in Oakville than they are on average throughout the United States. A single adult in Oakville spends about $4,079 on food per year, while a family of four spends $11,779. The national average is $3,240 and $9,354, respectively, while California averages $3,468 and $10,016, respectively. These estimates are for a nutritionally balanced diet bought at a grocery store for preparation at home.

Transportation costs

All residents of Oakville rely on personal cars for transportation, while only 85.5% of all United States workers use personal cars for commuting. Oakville is also a secluded community without commercial centers, meaning all the people who live here commute outside the area to get to their places of work. The national average of workers who live and work in different cities is 43.7%. In addition, the cost of gas in the Napa region is higher than the national average. Other additional costs include repairs and maintenance and auto insurance. Overall, the average person in Oakville spends about $11,759 per year on transportation.

The average salary in Oakville, California

Oakville is a desirable place to live, which is witnessed by the high salaries of its residents. The median household income in Oakville is $96,475, while California's average is $80,440. The per capita income is $47,729. These figures reflect the earnings of a diverse workforce, ranging from professionals in various industries to individuals working in the retail sector.

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